When the heaven pours

Mountains have always fascinated me. The idea of vacation to me is all about hills and mountains, flowing river down the hills, steam engines, hot tea, and rain.

On the recent trip to Dharamshala and Mcleodganj in Himachal Pradesh, India, I witnessed some breath taking views.

It was day 2 of our tour and we decided to trek to the picturesque Triund hill. The trek was moderately difficult and 9 km long. It took 4 hours for us to reach to the top. We were tired and panting as we reached at the top of the Triund hill. The last three kms were the most difficult portion of the trek. It was very steep. But what we witnessed at the top was the sheer beauty of the nature. My eyes forgot to blink as I looked all around. I don’t know if it were the mountains kissing the sky or sky hugging the mountains but whatever it was I was completely lost in admiring the beautiful view. It was all worth riding uphill.

As we sat there in awe enjoying being kissed by cool breeze, it started drizzling.

When on hill and it starts raining I didn’t wanted to miss on a hot cup of tea. But then we wanted to make our way down the trek safely so we started descending the trek.

Suddenly it was thundering and it started pouring heavily. The stormy weather did scared us for sometime. The trek was very slippery by now and we took a halt under a tea stall as it was not possible to trek down in hail storm.

It was all picturesque and mesmerizing. The swaying of lush green trees as the violent wind blows, the hail coming down from the dark cloudy sky as if someone is holding the treasure box upside down, the hot tea in my hands that I wanted to hold rather than to drink it to keep my hands warm, the goats hiding themselves under the large rock, and the rain water coming down the hill like a dancing river. We stood there, under the shade, at the tea stall waiting for the rain to slow down and wind to calm down so that we can start descending the trek.

A part of me will wander in these mountains, waiting for the sun to rise in the morning and gazing the starry sky at night. How I wish to stay there forever…


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