Are we doing right thing?

As the world celebrates the International Women’s day , we the bunch of bloggers have come together with Neha from , Deepali from and Anubhuti from to rejoice this spirit of womanhood.*

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Also you would not want to miss Renuka’s take in this very interesting topic.

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As I sit to pen down my thoughts on womanhood I felt a need to say we, the women of today, are doing so much for ourselves, our families and everyone who are close to us. But in the process of maintaining the balance between our work, family and friends we somewhere subdue some emotions as they aren’t considered positive one. We put on mask and smile day in day out even if we are dying inside.

We love our family and do so much for them selflessly without complain but we forget to keep ourselves happy. Even if its a ‘me-time‘, it comes only when everyone has slept or away from home. From morning till evening we run on toes, portray the best we could, we are so self reliant that we do everything on our own be it home management, work responsibilities, child care, elderly care and list goes on. We manage well with only few hours of sleep, bad body ache, foot ache and headache. Aren’t these things come to us naturally? Ever thought why? Well, I think our mother have set this example in front of us and we are following the foot steps.

I feel a strong urge to tell to all you mothers we need to break this. We don’t want our children to follow it.

It’s our responsibility today to tell and teach them that home is a place where we share responsibilities and same way bringing up the child too is the shared responsibility.

We need to tell them, not every day is perfect and its okay to cry on bad day. It’s okay to make mistake and learn from it. We need not be perfect but should be imperfectly perfect.

As a woman of today I am not trying to compete with my man in any way. I love my feminism and no way I think we are comparable to men.

I feel its important to express my emotions even if they are negative ones. I don’t think crying makes me weak. It makes me feel light and it feels good. Yes I do feel depress and its okay to be depress I don’t feel confident at times and I don’t have to.

I am me and I love being myself.

It took me long to unlearn all what I have learnt so far and learn to love me especially when I am in a mood that no one would love to see.

I adore womanhood and woman in me.



  1. I completely agree. We need to find me time. I am myself a victim to it. Since I failed give myself proper care, my health suffered. Actually trying to be super mom, I was not setting a good example for my girls


  2. I am Me and I love being Myself. So beautifully put. You summed up the entire post in just one line.

    Yes, we have to break it. I tell my kids that mommy has a life other than just being your mommy and she needs some time for herself. I am lucky to have a better half who understands this very well.

    Wonderful post Rupali!!

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  3. Loved it to the core….the moment we stop comparing ourselves with the opposite gender we will be the happiest…


  4. Wow loved every bit of it. And it raises a very important point that at times worry me – while trying to do much we are actually setting an expectation of a new generation that does everything smilingly and is good at everything. And more importantly never complains or cries. No we are real and its ok to cry. Its ok to be irritated at times. Completely agree with you negative emotions are to be accepted and not ushered under the carpet. Thanks for raising this


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