When you feel no one loves you…love yourself little more that time.

We all have low moments in our lives. There are dark days and it seems there is nothing left or all what is left is not worth living for. And the worst feeling is when you aren’t alone but yet you feel lonely.

In all these situations there is one thing you should always do and that is to love yourself. Love yourself enough to make it possible to survive these bad days.

Remind yourself of all the achievements you have achieved, be it as little as you can think of. Think of the times when you have your hardest laugh that gave you stomach ache. Think of the person who smile because of you. Think of your proud possession and how hard you try to own it. Think of those 1000 dreams that you have seen and how you are trying to make them come true.

And now that you are lonely doesn’t mean you will always be. The person who knows how to love himself can never be lonely again.

  • Gather courage and try to come out of negative thoughts.
  • Drink more and more water it will help you to regain not only the lost strength but the confidence too.
  • Play music and try to sing along with it.
  • Don’t think off the situation or a person who makes you feel low. It can be sorted out later after you have regained the lost mental balance.
  • Do the positive self talk. Keep repeating “its just a phase and it too will pass.”
  • Try to get into some physical and mental exercise.
  • To come out of a bad mood immediately go for a brisk walk for ten minutes and you will feel the difference yourself.

While I write this I have saved myself from reducing down to tears. I had a bad day today and from last one week things weren’t good. What has happened is another story but how I have changed my mood is what I am trying to tell you.

Bad things happen to all of us but how to react to them is in our hands. And yes I did reacted badly and have been living miserably in a bad mood from last five days but not any more. I wrote it out to make myself feel better not for anyone else but for myself. I was wasting time by rethinking over and over again what went wrong. But now its over and I have no control to change it so I am burying it here.

Just thought to share it- yesterday is over. Scenes are done and cant be redone now. People have gone and they aren’t here anymore to see how you are feeling. So now when nothing can be done make yourself feel better.

I will start my day as normally as I can. I might not sing loudly or laugh but definitely will go for my scheduled walk as I go everyday. I might not cook a king size meal but will surely eat. I will by all possible means to resume my life like it was one week before.

And if anything that is bothering me now I will make sure it won’t happen again. I will protect myself as I love myself more now and I will do everything possible to make myself happy.


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