Diwali-  Festival of Lights 

Diwali, one of my favourite festival is around the corner. The four days of festivity is seen celebrating with friends and relatives. New clothes, clutter-free home, savouries prepared at home, the Lakshmi Ganesh Poojan, the earthen lamps and candles lit in and around all the corners of the houses and of course the fire crackers these sum up the festival pretty fairly.

I still wait for this festival with the same enthusiasm as I used to be when I was a little girl. But of course the four days of festivity is now limited to only 2 days as school and offices remain opened till a day before Diwali unlike it used to be when I was in school. We don’t go to our hometown now as travelling in a crowded trains is a pain. 

Playing fire crackers was an integral part of the festival but I am not against the ban the Supreme Court has put on it. Looking at the show off culture of the capital city it was perhaps needed. I have seen here how people indulge in the competition who is putting how much money into fire crackers and who is playing it till last. Because of such people the ban was pretty much needed. 

The Supreme Court has decided to put ban on fire crackers and I am sad they are not strict about it. I am sad people in my country do not fear law and they are selling fire crackers openly without any fear. On the other hand there are buyers who are buying heavily priced fire crackers from them.
This is the pathetic state of law/judiciary in my country.

Coming to the people who think a one day ban will not solve the problem of pollution, which is again true.  

But, looking to the population of Delhi which is approx 3 crores don’t you think that if this ban is not put it will aggravate the problem?

Imagine what it will do to already polluted air? Do you want your children to breathe that in-toxic air? What kind of celebration do you want?

And more over this ban is only on papers and you can still easily get fire crackers in most of the market places.But they are five times costly what they used to be. 

Go buy as much as you want but next day even you and your loved ones will be breathing the same polluted air.  
If you reside here in NCR, have you forgotten what has happened last year after Diwali? All schools were forced to close and I remember my children complained of having difficulty in breathing and watery eyes.

 So people are okay with these problems but not okay with celebrating a pollution free festival?  

Think what is right for you and your family and do it.  


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