Because Mommy can fix everything

So glad to be a part of this #blogathon. I, along with 23 others mommy bloggers are participating in this #blogathon.

I thank my co-blogger Prisha, who blogs at, her writing will surley hook you up. 

Also I would like to introduce my co blogger Jasmeet, who blogs at, don’t forget to visit her blog and check what she has to tell about her delivery and baby.

For every child mother is his superwoman who can fix anything in this world. No matter what goes wrong, just one hug from mommy makes child feel safe.

No matter how old are we, the first person we want to talk to whenever anything goes wrong is mommy.  

The comfort of the mother’s hug is unexplainable and incomparable too.  

When I was a baby and even today my mom is my superhero and sometimes all I want is a hug from my mom to make things perfect.  

Mother is someone who is strong and supportive. But when I became mother for the first time I wasn’t this strong at all. 

I remember it very clearly till date when my elder daughter fell on the ground for the first time. She was only 8 months old then and had started crawling.  

I left her in the room with toys and came out to water my plants. I don’t know when she came out crawling and looking for me and fell down from the door. Her left knee got a cut and it started bleeding profusely.  

As a mother I should have given her first aid but no I was crying as loudly as my baby was. I was hugging her tight and crying. 

My neighbour who was watching us came out of her house and took Saakshi away from me. Even when she washed her wound and applied antiseptic on it, I was still crying. 

My neighbour tried to comfort me but to no avail. I wasn’t able to come out of a guilt that my daughter got hurt because of my negligence.  

For a mother it isn’t easy to raise kids. She has to be strong from outside even when her hearts weep.  

The reason I shared this story is, because I want to tell all new mommies- its okay to not to be perfect. You are fine and you are doing the best you can for your baby. No one else could do better than you for your baby.  Also parenting is a learning experience. You learn something almost daily. 

Be strong and happy in whatever situation you are. Your tiny tot is watching you while growing up. So be the best role model.  


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