Celebrating womanhood

With great joy I, along with 24 other women bloggers are celebrating #9daysofwomanhood throughout Navratri. I thank my co-blogger Sumira who writes to share her experience as a mother on her blog http://www.cuckoosnest-sumira.blogspot.in  She writes incessantly and help other mommies through her experience.

I would love to take an opportunity to introduce to my readers my co-blogger Veena who writes on her blog http://www.thereadingmomster.com. Her blogs are mostly related to the reading and they are very informative. Don’t forget to visit her website to read more.

The prompt for today is ‘Being a woman in India in 2017-a positive take’

India, my country needs no introduction. It’s the fastest emerging developing nation which has taken the world to surprise for its constant development, rapid innovation and robust performance in all the spheres of economic development, yet maintaining its identity as the agricultural economy.

Many would know India only as a backward and highly populated country but they might not know or understand that this population of India has also made it one of the prominent market globally. This population has also given India its diversity in culture, tastes, religions and many other aspects.

India is a diverse land. It has rich heritage and culture. It is one of the oldest civilization.

India has come long way in its journey of development and still has a long way to go. The role of women has changed drastically over these years. From a traditional home maker to leaders in missile launching programmes, women in India has proved that they can be as self-reliant as their male counter part.

India being a diverse land has given me the opportunity to know about myriad religions, their traditions, cuisines, culture and different art forms.

Being a woman in India in 2017, is not only fun but challenging too as it has exposed me to so much of variation from apparels choice, cooking styles, cuisines to much complex and versatile roles I have to take all in a day. I am proud to say that my country has given me immense wealth in the form of knowledge. This wisdom which I have gained over the years is my priceless possession.

I am as liberal and modern in my thinking and approach as any woman in the west yet as traditional and religious as my grand mother was. This variation comes naturally to me. I know how to reverse my roles as a home maker when I am at home or as a trainer when I am training finance professionals.

I can provide complex training to the Investment bankers with as much ease as I roll out a chapati for my family.

From classical dance forms to rock n roll I know how to shake my body to the rhythm and beats.

My culinary skills are praised by my fussy eaters when the delicious pizza melts in their mouth and also by my in laws when I cook traditional Rajasthani food for them.

I am a multitasking woman who knows how to juggle between her roles as a home maker and as a trainer. I strive to create a perfect balance and harmony in both my roles. I love my family as much as I love my career.

I love this variation and I am sure I have inherit it from my mother and my grand mother. Both these woman are iconic and have taught me to be self reliant yet holding the traditional family values close to my heart.

I am me and to celebrate the womanhood I loved the idea of this blogathon.



  1. Oh no! Now I want to eat your food ! Your post just made my mouth water. I wish I could roll a chapatti with as much ease as well. I looovee rock and roll!! Enjoyed reading your post


  2. How beautifully you have mentioned about the roles you play maintaining a balance between modern and traditional aspects, you are truly amazing the way you are keeping a balance in today’s time where everyone is ready to leave their roots and fly away to the far away unknown place, kudos to your spirit, a strong woman in true sense!

    Liked by 1 person

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