Life is nothing less than a maths..mystery to some,simple & sorted for others

As a child I have never liked this subject “Mathematics”. The concepts were too complicated for my wandering mind to grasp and I used to score less.
I get good scoldings from my teachers, parents and some elders for not been able to get it. I also started thinking that I am too dumb to not understand the simple equations, algebra and the complex trigonometry.
But then one day I saw my eldest cousin doing maths. He was doing his engineering then. I asked him if he liked maths and what he replied penetrate deep into my mind. He said,”maths is the simplest of all. It’s just about adding some numbers, subtracting some others. You sometimes multiply and divide and to solve some tricky questions there are formulaes. You need to practice it daily to get hold of it.”Though it didn’t made me master of mathematics but still I manage to escape scoldings by improving my grades slightly.
Now when I grew up and look at life I find it similar to this complex subject- Maths. Some get hold of it easily and for some it’s as complicated and tricky as coming out of a maze.
To simplify life we need to add people who make us feel lovable, who cheer, motivate and inspire us to do better and subtract those who make us feel worthless and spread negativity.
Then to make life enjoyable we multiply our joys by sharing it with family and friends and divide our sorrows among them too.
There are formulaes to be used in life too some are unique and are created as a result of life’s lesson and some are pre-defined or universally applied like:
let go of things and people that no longer makes you happy
forgive and forget

Do what makes you happy

Think positive

Live in the moment

Make memories

There are many more such formulas and to make life more beautiful you will have to practice these daily like you did daily practice of maths to get good score.

The only difference maths and life has that unlike maths you can’t caluculate life. It’s so unpredictable.
So live life beautifully. Add some people and subtract some others. Multiply your joys and divide your sorrows.
Happy living !!!
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