Wednesday positivity!!

Your day starts in a way you want it to be. Your day ends in a way you wanted it to end. It’s no one else but you who is the maker of your destiny and the ruler of your life.Stop blaming others for having a bad day. It was you who let the power of your life slips from your hand and let it be in the hands of someone unworthy. The people and incidents can affect you only if you let them affect you.

Don’t give that power to rule you to someone who doesn’t deserve it. People are judgemental so let them judge you and form an opinion about you. How their opinion can change what you really are?

If your yesterday was bad, make it good today. If it was good make it far better today. Start your day with a goal, no matter how small that goal is. You are doing it for yourself and not for others. It can be anything, as small as, cleaning a kitchen shelves or ironing or going to a local grocery shop. If you have free time spend it on laughing with your loved ones rather than crying what other want you to do and how you are unable to do that.



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